Your Hardwood Floor Installation Specialist in Fenton, MI

Hardwood FloorOur design experts can help you pick the right look in hardwood flooring to match your project’s overall decor. With our help, you will select the right wood species, stain colors and plank widths to create the best flooring solution for your project.

We can help you determine the right flooring materials to use for your project. For instance, will your new space be entirely above grade and temperature controlled all year round, or do you have some floors that will be below grade and exposed to potentially moist conditions, such as in a finished basement? A solid hardwood floor may be the best choice for your situation, or it might be best to choose engineered materials or laminates for some spaces.

Does your flooring material need to be hard and scratch resistant to withstand grit from a dirt road or rambunctious pets or do you expect lighter use and easy maintenance for your new floors?

Can your new floor be laid directly on the existing surface, or do you need to prepare the sub floor for smoothness, moisture resistance, strength or other factors before your new hardwood flooring is installed? What is the best way to make transitions between your hardwood floor spaces and other floor coverings such as carpets or kitchen tile?

You might think you can save a lot of money by going it alone and picking out hardwood flooring at a big discount warehouse and installing it yourself, but, unless you are an experienced designer and carpenter, you will find it well worth the slightly higher cost of involving real flooring experts in your project.

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